88.8 Film & Photography

Short Films

Using the name 88.8 Films I have made over 100 short films over the last 10 years with the help of many creative people. If you are in the Portland OR area and would like to help with the next project, please contact me.

  • Mustang Diamond (short film)

    Mustang Diamond (short film)

  • 88.8 Films 2021 Reel

    88.8 Films 2021 Reel

  • Ripe (short film)

    Ripe (short film)

  • Call the Cops

    Call the Cops

  • 2020 Reel

    2020 Reel

  • Bring it This Way

    Bring it This Way

  • This is Art

    This is Art

  • Nick’s Picnic

    Nick’s Picnic

  • The Passenger

    The Passenger

  • Cliff’s Hangers

    Cliff’s Hangers

  • Make it Quick

    Make it Quick

  • Frank in my Vent

    Frank in my Vent