88.8 Film & Photography

Nick’s Picnic was filmed in five hours at Elizabeth Caruthers Park in Portland, Oregon.  The film then premiered at the 2016 Plan-it-X fest, Mid East Film Fest, and a Monthly Movie Challenge in Bloomington, Indiana.

Shot using a Canon 60D with a Tamron 17-50 F2.8 Lens.

Audio was captured with a  Rode NTG-2 connected to a Zoom H4 Recorder.

Written by Jordan Henline, Tyler Meese and Garrett Keith

Camera operated — Jordan Henline

Video and Audio Editing — Jordan Henline

Boom/Sound Operator — Tyler Meese

Thief/Beef — Pat Brogan

Nick — Dillon Hooten

Patty — Viva Goran

IMG_3856 _MG_3839 _MG_3841 _MG_3840