88.8 Film & Photography


These photos and videos are from The 1905, Scholar, Mermosa, and Hop//Scotch.

The 1905:

As a dedicated jazz venue and pizza restaurant, The 1905’s voice was brought to life under my creative direction. I took charge of all aspects of media production, capturing the essence of concerts, culinary delights, and the vibrant atmosphere through compelling photography and videography. My responsibilities extended to the comprehensive management of multiple social media accounts, including daily content curation, event calendar maintenance, and the creation of engaging, ongoing campaigns that showcased both talented artists and the diverse menu. Additionally, I orchestrated impactful online advertising campaigns through platforms like Meta and Google. Through my efforts, I achieved a remarkable threefold increase in Instagram growth and elevated the YouTube channel to nearly 1000 subscribers.

Within the first year, The 1905 garnered international recognition, solidifying its position as one of the premier live jazz venues worldwide. Targeted marketing established The 1905 as the go-to destination on the West Coast.
The 1905’s Instagram

Mermosa is a Black owned wine and community based restaurant inspired by their Haitian and Southern heritage, offering a variety of sparkling wines and wine cocktails that celebrate family, history, and joy. I make 1-2 trips a week to photograph and film new menu items and events. I post 2-3 times a day on multiple platforms to advertise their exciting menu, foods, and events.  In the first two months I doubled their Instagram following from 3,000 to nearly 6,000. Mermosa’s Instagram


Scholar was an Italian dining establishment. The dynamic menu, evolving with the seasons, demanded continuous attention to detail in photography and videography. I undertook weekly visits to capture the charisma of the bar and kitchen staff, orchestrating larger photoshoots whenever the menu underwent transformations. My role extended to the management of their social media, with daily posts and stories that fostered engagement. Collaborating with both front and back-of-house teams ensured a timely and compelling representation of menu changes. Outreach efforts to bloggers and print media resulted in Scholar being featured in esteemed publications such as Star Chefs, Willamette Weekly, Eater, and more. Scholar’s Instagram


During its brief tenure, Hop//Scotch emerged as a distinctive split concept—a hybrid sports bar and coffee shop. My role encompassed the management and creation of separate social media accounts, each with its own unique voice and objectives. Regular visits to both the sports bar and coffee shop allowed me to curate authentic content, supplementing it with strategically planned photo and video shoots as required.